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Please read the information below. For further questions or inquiries, contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Event location is to be announced

  • Retailers are the core of the conference and the tickets will be dominated by retailers. You will also meet vendors, programs and likeminded people.

  • Web 3.0 is upon us and the world is getting smaller and smaller. How can nordic retailers come together and eliminate threats from global companies? Our mission is to make this event a networking and collaboration bridge to strengthen the Nordic competition against global companies.

  • Technology, payments and privacy is moving in a pace we haven´t seen before. How can retailers leverage from new technology and partnerships?

  • Yes, sponsors get delegate passes based on their sponsorship level. You can see the different options at the sponsors page.

  • The speakers are carefully selected based on their role, expertise and what they can bring of value to the event. If you think someone in your company has the right expertise, please contact us so we can take it into consideration.

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